Innovation has been more than our mission; it’s our identity.

Having issues with your current furnace? We service all makes and models and use quality replacement parts. Nobody likes a cold house; well make sure your system is up and running and maintains a cozy comfort.

Renovating? Basement renovations are a great time to replace your old, inefficient units and can cost much less than you might think. Call us, were happy to discuss all of your options.

There’s noting better then stepping into a cool home on those sweltering, summer days! Whether were installing a new American Standard or Trane unit, or servicing any other make/model you might have, we’ll make sure that you and your loved ones beat the heat this summer. Talk to us today if you’re considering installing an A/C unit or if your’s in acting up.

Here For YOU … No Matter What!

No matter the style of heater you have in your bay or garage at home, we can fix it. If you don’t think your current heater is operating properly, you’re considering an upgrade, or you’re installing new, get a hold of us. We can help you to decide your best course of action before spending unnecessarily. We use Reznor and Roberts Gordon heaters for all our new installs, give us a call today.

NAPOLEAN HEATING AND COOLING PRODUCTS are built with the highest quality components for quiet, reliable operation in the harshest environments.

TRANE BELIEVES INNOVATION begins with the customer’s needs. Even the most aggressive, cutting-edge concepts and design evolve from challenges that exist in the marketplace, from fluctuating fuel costs to aging infrastructure and changing regulations.

AMERICAN STANDARD FURNACES are some of the highest quality products on the market. As well, they offer a 10 year parts and 1 year labour warranty. There are 3 different high efficiency models to choose from: Modulating, 2 Stage and Single Stage. They offer a model to suit every situation and have a 95%-97% efficiency.

ROBERTS GORDON TUBE HEATERS are great for light industrial and residential applications and come with a 3 year parts warranty. These heaters that don’t have a blower are perfect in areas where blowing dust is a concern, especially paint bays.

UDAP REZNOR UNIT HEATER are 82%-83% efficient, among the best rated in the industry today. Small, light weight and easy to install, they are perfect for garages to keep your contents warm on those cold winter days. They have a 5 year parts warranty and perfect for those jobs where space is limited.

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